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"11pm on a Sunday night, my car stopped running."

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"The tow truck driver recommended his brother's repair shop. The tow truck driver seemed like a trustworthy guy so I handed him the keys to my car and asked him to drop it off at the shop and have the mechanic call me. The next day, I got a call from Barons at 8:30 confirming the alternator was dead and I was quoted a reasonable price for parts and labor. They said it would be done that same day."

"I asked if I could pay by credit card and pick up the car after hours. I arranged to have the key hidden for me so that I could work a full day and avoid traffic. When I arrived to the shop at 8pm, 2 hours after close of business, I found the shop closed but the owner waiting for me."

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"He said he knew I would be arriving and decided to continue working while waiting. Over the course of the day, I had many conversations with the service writer. He was patient and helpful. The owner/mechanic was very gracious and kind. The hundreds of dollars of tools I had in the trunk were still there and unmolested. It was an overly trusting thing that I did asking a stranger to take my car to another stranger to have it repaired. To have that service completed, and at a very reasonable fee amazed me. The Baron family are good people. They took excellent care of a stranger in need of help. If I were close to Moreno Valley and needed work done, I would definitely use Barons. Without a doubt, this business and owner can be trusted."

"I love this place because they treat you so nice and they don't BS you. They're really good people and they take good care of your car.

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"Since I live and work 100 miles from Moreno Valley I asked if I could pick it up."